The voices within me...

There are voices within me
Warning me not to argue
When there are fights
Try to hold back my anger
But the problem is
How many times can i do that?

I admit that i've gone overboard
But sometimes
I really do feel that i am right
So i just fired back at her

There are voices within me
Telling me that it is wrong
Telling me that i should discuss it another time
Discuss it when the time is right
But will that work?

Like i have never tried that before
At the end of the day
The answer i expected
Was thrown back at me
"So you will remember this for life?"
The voices within me
That doesn't work at all

From that day onwards
I've tried my very best
To hold back my anger
But how long can i do that?
I have nobody to complain to
Nobody to share my problems
Except for the paper and pens
I had used to write what my heart feels

Will my life go on like this?
If it is
One day
I am going to burst
Like a ballon
Couldn't hold any more air in it
Burst and be uselss
And worst still - heartless

Listening to Nobody's Perfect by Milley Crust


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