Christmas hope..

It is nothing but giving
Giving to others
No matter who are they
No matter what are they

On this very day
He will give
She will give
You will give
They will give
Everybody will give
Give their heart willingly
Without selfishness

When someone is left out in a corner
Practically not realised by everyone
No matter how much he gives
There is no return
Like a blown away feather
Never coming back
Unlike the boomerang
Coming back after you threw it away

So there he is
So lonely by himself
Waiting for someone to give
Someone who cares for him
Someone who is kind hearted

He sob without a sound
Cry without a tear
Afraid to scare people away
All he wants is somebody to love
And somebody who loves him
That's all he hope to receive
On Christmas day

Listening to Do It Well by Jeniifer Lopez


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