The day before my birthday...

On Sunday, i actually did almost everything that i don't want and don't like to do...

Early in the morning i have to wake up early and accompany my dad to HELP University College for the actuary science talk and it last the whole morning. After lunch, i have to follow my parents and grandparents to Bentong to visit my not-so-close-relatives.

I was bored to death there then my mum asked me to pluck groundnuts. I was like " Huh? groundnuts?" So i went there unwillingly to deal with all the muds covering the groundnuts. Then i finally have my own time reading my storybooks.

About 6.30pm, we went out for dinner and they were all very noisy. They were chit-chatting, drinking beer, karaoke, doing the yum-seng thing. OMG!! At the moment i just can't stand the noise and cover my ear. It was the first time i have been into an enclosed area that is so noisy.

Then here comes the worries. They asked my dad to drink brandy and i knew my dad is not a good drinker and i began to worry of my dad because he will be the one driving us home later. So i ask him not to drink but the kind of force him to drink so i can't help him either. If i'm not underage, i will definately drink for my dad even though it taste awful.

So some of the dishes were nicely decorated and one of them with a pig's head on it. Oh ya, the fruits were delicious.

Listening to The Potential Break Up Song by Aly & AJ


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