One U...

I went to OU with Fong Jiuan and my sister to celebrate. We went there at 10.30 am and started walking till 12.00 pm then we head to Genki Sushi for lunch. At first i was so hungry that i can gobble down an elephant but after eating a few sushi, i was full again..

After walking about half an hour, we went to the cinema for Enchanted. Man, it was great, funny and the girl is so innocent. After coming out from the cinema, i was hungry again so we went to esquire kitchen to buy fa guin. Then i feel that it is not enough so i went to buy rotiboy. I'm such a big eater.

Guess what, i met Min Yap, Wui Teng, Siew Choo and Gervaene there leh. Today when i was in OU with my mum, i saw Wui Teng again. So i went to him again.

Our conversation:
Me : Hello.
Him : Hello.
Me : Why are you here?
Him : Because of him. * points at a small boy he is carrying*
Me : Oh. You sleep overnight here?
Him : Yea, as if.
Me : *laughs*
Him : Why are you here?
Me : Because my sister is here.
Him : Then why are you here yesterday?
Me : Because it is my birthday.
Him : Oh.
Me : Then why are you here yesterday?
Him : For fun loh.
Me : Oh. *hammer knocks on head* @.@ chickens without feet, pigs without tail, donkey without ass..

So that's all.. And my birthday cake from Fong Jiuan's mum...

Listening to Shape of My Heart be Backstreet Boys


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