Today, indeed, was a busy day as predicted. My parents and i were busy cleaning up stuffs and threw those useless things from the kitchen cabinet.

Of course, the victim of the day, as usual, is me. I had to bring all the rubbish from the kitchen out of the house to the garbage can. Unfortunately, the things in the cabinet were too much that they actually occupied the whole kitchen so my parents have to sort them out slowly and give me packs and packs of rubbish one by one. Poor me have to go in and out of the house so many times. I have counted!! Should be more than 30 times in total. The whole process is nothing but walking in and out of the house and i felt like i am undergoing some athletic training.

When it was finally over, i sat down and start reading my story book ( it was the exciting part when i stop to help ), there goes again, my mum asked me to fold clothes so i got to fold to prevent getting scolding from her although my legs are about to break apart anytime. I think they are going to ache tomorrow.

So there goes my Friday without a proper breakfast and lunch...

Listening to This is My Now by Jordin Sparks


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