Malicious ACT, Anguish Ending

This is something i read from somewhere, very meaningful indeed!

" I was reluctant to make a move. I was curious, yet that is unlawful. In the end, i was deceived by the devil resting beside my shoulder, leaning towards my ear, telling me that i would be such a coward if i don't. I walked up with guts to the shelf where all the pens and pencils are placed. I walked along it and chose the pen i was very satisfied with and nicked it after i scanned through everything around me. It was a hush-hush affair. If i were to be caught by a hidden CCTV, i would be dead meat. I stared to the open doorway sanguinely. Yet if i were to pass through that door, i would never be able to abscond from the deadly sensor that will detect the stolen pen.

My mind was quick. I shifted my gaze to a 40° angle book corner. It was the best location to finish my incomplete mission. I strolled calmly there with a steady pace and pretended i was interested with the books there. I randomly picked a book and sat down facing right at the isolated corner. I opened the book and started peeling off the price label and the bar code attached to the pen by cellophane tape. After i done my magic, i closed the book and slit the pen into my pocket. A smile with satisfaction filled my face. Without further delay, i paced out of the doorway victoriously and it did not trigger the alarm! Suddenly, i felt like i was the heroic character from the movie " Ocean's Thirteen "! My brilliant plan works so perfectly without any fault detected.

I proceeded down the escalator thinking all these thing were as easy as a piece of cake until someone followed behind me and tapped on my shoulder. I swing my head and my face went as pale as a dead corpse when that guy asked to check my pocket. It all struck so fast that i do not even have any moment to ask why and the next thing i knew was he took out the pen i stole and asked me how do i get this pen while swinging the pen in the air. Words could not be formed in my head and i was struck dumb by his question. Now i realised i have not thought of a lie to help me through the last stage of the event.

He demanded to check on the pen and brought me back to the place where i feel most unsafe now. I was asked to stand beside the security guard while he made his way back into the shop to do the checking. I heart was pounding so furiously as i waited. I wanted to storm right out from this place of hell and forget about the pen but i was afraid i would attract attention of the crowd. My thoughts were so chaotic that i felt like my head was an inch away from exploding. Before i even decided what to do, he was back with a distressing news that almost made my heart stop. I am dead meat now! I was caught!

He lead me to the staff room and showed me the whole video of me nicking the pen. I was stunned and speechless. I thought i saw no CCTV at all in the shop! How can that be possible!? He asked to speak to my mother personally and i couldn't resist it. I am going to jail this time! I called my mum and told her everything from head to tail. Through the phone, i can even feel the fiery breath of her and the disappointment in her sentences. I was heart-broken.

My mum came to my rescue. It was a long process. I could not even believe it that she was bearing all the pain in her heart and embarrassment just for me! She pleaded the manager to let me go with tears nourishing her cheeks. Whenever a teardrop break free from the side of her beautiful eyes, it was as if my heart was stabbed and i was numb all over my body. She was insulted by the manager but she did not care less. All she care is to convince the manager to let me go on to the right path once more and not to lodge a police report. At that moment, if a Ginny make an appearance and ask me what i wish for, i will definitely wish for a turn back of time so that i can restore the whole situation.

In the end, the manager agreed. My mum thank her profusely before she walked off from me coldly. How i hope she will give me the sharp stare i longed for. I knew she gave up on me already. She definitely was. When we got home, my mum sat down in front of me and asked me why do i have to do that when our family can afford it. She expressed her discontent and disappointment. For the first time in years, she shed tears that can flood the entire city.

I am sorry, mother. I would do anything to replace the vast mistake i made. I didn't mean to hurt your fragile feelings. I promise there will not be a second time. Not until my heart stop beating, not until my take my last breath on earth. Sorry..."


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