Crave for Bonding Sessions

As we have planned for months, the bonding session was carried out at Shu Ning's place yesterday. I went to Sahara field around 9.30am to meet up with Shu Ning, Jennifer, Khai Sern and Joel. Thinking Khai Sern will ask me to play volleyball with him as he said in MSN, i wore a mini skirt with a pants that comes with it to enable easier movement. The concrete was wet and Khai Sern was preoccupied in teaching Joel how to play volleyball so i ended up talking to Shu Ning and Jennifer while i let myself in for being a victim of the aggressive mosquitoes there.

When the clock almost strike 10, we headed back to Shu Ning's house. Just a short while later, Xin Wei, Geber and Joseph arrived. We were in the kitchen doing the preparations. Cutting cucumber in a very small size is always difficult for me but i realised that i'm not the only amateur there. Joel did an extremely dangerous thing when he continued cutting the sausages while his eyes were running wild looking elsewhere but the sausages. After cutting the cucumber, i went on to pounding nuts for the upcoming chocolate cookies which i missed. I knew i should not pound till it turned powder but somehow i got distracted like how Joel did and over-pounded the nuts. Fried eggs then proceeded making pizza.

The process was long, messy and busy. Hands were everywhere grabbing ingredients to add on to each pizza. Xin Wei likes cheese so much that she filled the whole pizza with so much cheese. Our pizza ended up too oily but i still liked it because of the vegetables, onions and sausages i like. Xin Wei made a smiling face on the pizza to represent a cheerful pizza, a happy day and of course to make our pizza significant.
While waiting for the pizza to be ready in Shu Ning mum's oven, the moment i longed for is here. Popia time! I just love the process of making popia and the taste of it. Its such a bliss when you get to taste the popia made by yourself. The popias made by Joseph was a total failure as he had almost all the ingredients in it dropped on the plate and the sauce was dripping all over. Everybody was entertained by his clumsiness. I still ended up making slim popia although i tried hard not to by putting lots of stuff in it.

When the pizzas were ready, we put the popias aside and enjoy our respective pizza. When i started eating my fourth piece, Joel started tossing the remains of his pizza around claiming that he cannot finish it and is very full. It was just one bite away. He was okay until Joseph joked, ' Try tickling him, he sure laugh one.' Before he even finishes his not funny joke, Joel rushed to the toilet and vomited. We were all shocked and started blaming Joseph for mentioning that. Feeling guilty and sorry, he remained silent until Joel strolled back to his seat calmly and nodded profusely as he bombarded him with words of concern.
Everything was perfectly alright until...Joseph and Xin Wei became hysterical.In the midst of making. Mine is definitely the smallest.Fear factor challenge - Drinking a cup of Pepsi.
Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.

We rested our stomach for digestion by playing cards. I started by playing speed with Shu Ning and she was so aggressive that the feelings i had when playing with her during Form 2 strucked my like a series of lightning. Still the same huh? Then i proceeded playing Chor Dai Di with Geber, Joseph and Shi Jing. So the noob won the first round! Learned how to play poker also.

The next interesting meal was pulut inti. Mine was okay except for one i made which was retarded as i put too much pulut in it. Khai Sern had problem with the banana leaves as he kept on putting the pulut at the wrong side. Again another joke of the day. I ate two and packed some home for my family. When we moved on to making chocolate cookie, my mum called and moments later, i had to pack and bid my goodbyes. So my day ended like that while the others had much more fun after that until around 5 o' clock.
Join the crowd.Mine was again smaller than the others.Happy family.


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