Evocative Dreams

It has been a week since it all ended at the pavement
Laughter we shared has turned to memories
It is for us to reminisce the nostalgic moments
And move on with our lives in the meantime
Occasionally when I stop and contemplate
I vividly recall how i greeted it with scepticism
But it all ended with worthwhile experiences.

I genuinely thank those who moulded me, and
Bow out gracefully from my prejudice against him,
Respect him as a man who was made for good
Because of them
Because of him
I have shed off my old hasty attitude
To a deductive person.

I had my first
Will have my last
I'd grasp any opportunity which lays out on to me
Leaving no regrets in the course of time, and
Learn from my flaws to achieve prestigious goals.
I will.


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