Open Ceremony for HOLIDAYS!

My holiday has officially starts. When i shaded my last answer on the answer sheet, I was overwhelmed! I could not believe that i have endured all the pain and stress throughout the whole period of exam. I vividly recall my stupid act of repeating this verse " I am so going to jump down the building right now!" And now, I want to do the other way, i want to fly!

My lungs is going to explode with joy. I am now this close to leaving Malaysia for the Youth Exchange Program i yearned for years. Now, it is like a dream come true! I get to go to Narita, Japan. I just gotten my host families details and now i have to shop for their souvenirs. I'll be leaving on 13th December and be back on 4th January which is the evening before school reopens! Going to celebrate my birthday, Christmas and New Year in Japan!

I am so free now! Somebody ask me out to an outing! Or a date? Just joking... Now I'm feel so bored that I WANT TO JUMP DOWN THE BUILDING or PLUNGE INTO A RIVER!

Anyway, its kind of late now so good night...

Hearts On My Way Here by Clay Aiken


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