Yoga?! Jabbawockeez...

Yesterday, i had to forgo the pleasure of sleeping in my protective place where i can cuddle in for a longer period of time. I woke up when i was requested by my mum to do yoga with her. Well, it was quite tiring and i was astonished when the instructors in the video can lift up their hand for such a long time. My hands are so tired from lifting them for too long even until now.

By the way, my latest obsession is nothing but Jabbawockeez - Winner of America's Best Dance Crew Season 1. Here are some of my favourites:-





No regrets. They are nice! I like the humans, i like the dance, i like the style, i like the music, i like the costume, i like the mask, i like the gloves, i like the poses, i like JABBAWOCKEEZ!

No. 1 fan of Jabbawockeez


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