Atlantis Hotel - World Most Prestigious Hotel

Dubai's £950 million Atlantis hotel has officially opened on Thursday has been built by Sol Kerzner, a South African hotelier, on the Palm Jumeirah island. Shrugging off global financial crisis for a moment, Dubai along more than 2000 world celebrities included film stars and sporting greats witnessed the spectacular fireworks display in the extravagant big bash.
It is not only a lavishly built hotel, the Atlantis Hotel is also boasts that its dolphin facility - Dolphin Bay, will be the first rescue and rehabilitation centre present for stranded and injured dolphins in Dubai. However, it has been condemned by environmentalists for shipping the dolphins from the South Pacific to the Middle East to stock a marine attraction. I personally don't agree to this too as the dolphins might not be able to get used to new environment. So i guess it is not really a practical idea. * shrugs*

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