Cameron Highlands Leadership Camp 2008

1st Day ( 07 November 2008)
Saw the driver jerking the gear continuously. Departed at 8.30 am sharp. Just as expected, the gear spoiled when we stopped beside KDU college. Went all the way down to god knows where but somewhere near Bandar Kinrara to get the gear fixed. All of us went to the mamak nearby to eat breakfast. Continue our journey around 10.30-11.00am. Watched ROGUE without any sound system ( mute for the whole movie). Stopped at Tapah for lunch then started up the hill. Got real bad headache on the way up. Forgotten to bring the medicine. Reached there around 4.30-5.00pm. Put my bag then peeled the head and clean the ikan bilis with Esther, Hillary, Daphney, Julie, Wai Yan, Xin Wei and Rabiatul! Very fun indeed doing it with so many people. Had sambal for dinner. Had period after dinner. Played ice-breaking game after dinner. That was when the scandal thing started and lasted throughout the whole camp ( credits to the Scandal Queen - Jessica). We had to remember people's detail and recognise people's face through their self-portrait drawing. Kah Kheng was involved in a scandal by proposing to Xin Hui while Chong De recited love poem to Yi Lin. Khai Sern had to do ballroom dancing with May Wen. Activity ended around 12.00am. Slept at 12.45am.

2nd Day ( 08 November 2008)
Woke up at 6.00am. Went for jogging around the blocks then did some exercise. Played Chilis and Tomatoes game. Had meehun for breakfast. Had the saudara Lombok situation. I manage to get MC out of his presidential post but got kicked out by Yi Lin in the end. Had break after that before lunch. Went out to catch some bugs with Wai Yan and Jessica. Followed Li Ren, Hillary, Esther and Daphney to the guys place. Just took a look how was it like. After lunch, went to the field for some sukaneka activity. Rained when we were playing. Went on to dodge ball after that in the mud. Went back and waited long for the limited toilet. After dinner, went to Berinchang night market. Wanted to buy strawberries but ended up buying only a cup of beans. Felt so guilty seeing Bernard shivering with cold as he sacrifice his jacket when it rained in the afternoon for the girls. En. Kamal taught us about the letters we have to write as human with posts like president, vice president and secretary. Everybody including me was half asleep when he was talking in front so he let us go early. To be continued tomorrow... I had my first time sleeping in a sleeping bag. Slept in a row with Esther, Hillary, Daphney and Xin Wei downstairs. =)

3rd Day ( 09 November 2008)
Woke up at 6.00am again. Same exercise routine as the previous day. Played the grab bottle thing and my group made the longest line in the line-making game. Had nasi lemak for breakfast then continued the boring course of En. Kamal. Still fell asleep. Went jungle tracking after that. Had to take care of Xin Wei as she is an amateur in jungle tracking. Followed sir to the tough route after that. I like challenges! Everybody had their butt dirty except for Li Ren and I. This proves that we are the pros! =x Rained on the way back. Wet again. Had lunch in a wet condition while the others took their bath. Played the miming game. The funny parts were we had to guess the names of the teachers. Secrets reserved for people who went for the camp. Split into groups to discuss about the performances we had to do on malam kebudayaan which is tonight and also BBQ night. An hour later~~ got called back by the penghulu i got irritated with and its performance time! A scandal broke between Li Ren and i as i was trying to warm my icy hands with his warm hands. SCANDAL~~ Screwed up my performance. It was utter bullshit and i didn't know what were we doing in front. Worst among all. Ate a piece of chicken ( breast meat) and a few pieces of sausages then we head out to the road to play games. Danced the " New Friend Found " dance, played london bridge is falling down, the getting back to own chair game and blow wind blow. Had lots of fun that it is already 11.30 when we were asked to stop playing and clean up. Helped to keep all the clean plates then gather with my group members to do the proposal En. Kamal demanded! Finished it in a very short time. Yu Jie and Chong De headed back early as sir wants them back before 12.00am. Chatted with Bernard, Li Ren, Xin Wei, MC, Sharon and Li Kheng. Annoying penghulu chased the guys back so have to get ready for bed before she continues nagging. Packed extremely fast and got downstairs when i realised the lights were already off. Prepared myself for bed in the dark. Last night in this Leadership Camp in Cameron Highlands 2008.

4th Day - Last Day ( 10 November 2008)
Woke up earlier than supposed to as i didn't know the actual time we had to get ourseves prepared for home. I was one and a half hour earlier than scheduled. Felt bored as the others packed their bag while i waited for my turn to brush my teeth. Rushed up and down the stairs getting the proposal ready to pass up before 8.00am when the guys were here. Managed at 7.58am. Still not late! Ate roti canai for breakfast. Bus came so early and pollute the fresh air there. Ish! Settled our stuff on the bus and took group pictures after we took our T-shirts. Almost had to wear L size when Wai Yan as a good girl gave me hers and took L herself. The shirt was dirty with some ink stains on it. I still looked small in it but it was the same for everyone including the guys. All of us had to take shirts bigger than our actual size. Visited the Strawberry Farm, Cactus Farm, morning market and a waterfall before heading down the hill. Stopped by Tapah again for lunch. Ate one small pack of nasi lemak bungkus that cost me RM1.30. Do you think i got conned? Reached school at 4.25pm. Kept some equipments back to the storeroom before heading home. Rushed to tuition at 5.00pm and another that lasted till 10.00pm. Fatigued that i fell asleep right after i lie down on my warmie bed.

Scribbled by Pei Ning...

Love my group members :
  • Chong De ( GL)
  • Yu Jie
  • Bernard Ling
  • Wani
  • May Wen
  • Sharon Ding
  • Pei Ning

Bye Cameron...


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