Photos for Cameron Highlands Camp 2008

Photos are finally up! I just couldn't wait for Jessica to send me the pictures so i just grabbed them from Li Ren's facebook profile. So the credits goes to Li Ren!Fell in love with this house! It was at the end of the lot of houses we were staying in.Isn't it nice? It is like my dream house!On our way to the field.Some random poses which i have no idea what i was doing.This is the transferring rubber band game which my group sucked at it. Well, actually Bernard and i sucked at it. We kept on dropping the rubber band so...Disgusted expression seeing other groups did so well... =.=Balloons are always not my forte so i was the last in the line...Balls to hold on. So each person has to hold on to at least 5 balls. * adult joke*Group picture on the bridge before we headed into the forest...As a good friend, i'm willing to help my friend who is an amateur in jungle treking.Platform where we had to pick our own route to go! Nice, i followed sir to the tough one.What was i doing? I've got no idea also. Camera shy perhaps?Sir giving his speech!Look at how steep the route we picked!But i liked it. Full of challenges and i'm still clean at the end of the day.But the clumsy Kah Kheng who was in front of me had his back covered with mud...Busy discussing our performance before the Malam Kebudayaan started but still screwed it. So what we have done? Was to no avail.My group! The Thorny, Horny Cactus!Barbecue night started right after our performance!We played games after we ate!The females of the camp.Candid moment with the theme as "SCANDAL"Males of the camp.Their candid and the formal ones are almost the same. Except for Bernard and MC... real scandal behind MC's jacket!Group picture! CHEESE!Stopped by the waterfall. Spot me in the picture!


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