sweet serenade.

Speak Now - Taylor Swift

As time ticks pass, my hope gradually fades. More like drowned with the minutes. But I'm struggling to stay up, so that I can continue to wait, whereas you probably are at somewhere, oblivious of my anticipation.
Woke up today feeling weary and groggy with a mild aching of the stomach. Half-boiled egg and hot chocolate for breakfast. mmm... Very unusual and delicious.
Went out for shopping with the family at MidValley and the Gardens. Our greatest motivation then was to find a shirt for daddy for new year, turned out, he didn't get anything while I bought a cute sailor-like polo T from Nautica. That sums up to 7 pieces of garments for new year. Omggg... The most in my new year outfit history. Would've added one more dress from Cotton On to the list but mummy said since I'm transferring to US already, I shouldn't buy too many clothes cause I can't bring too many over. Cruel truth always hurts. :(
Obligated to do spring cleaning with the family tomorrow. I loathe. Cause I'll always end up sneezy and sniffy after. Its not fun. Especially to catch a flu caused by dusts. Its disgusting. Just imagine dust particles entering your nose, then lungs? ohemgeee...

Anyways, I'm still working on my personal statement. How inefficient a person like me can be. I should totally stop playing Tetris Battle on Facebook and start working on my uni applications. Deadlines are nearing dear. Get to work. Just how many times I need to remind myself. -.-

- Abnormal Psychology assignment
- Study for Western Civilization quiz
- Personal statement
- Uni application forms
- Spring Cleaning
- Celebrate Chinese New Year

The holiday is never enough. :(
Pei Ning.


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