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Very much thank you.
Recently, I've been fighting a strong urge to not procrastinate and work hard for this semester b'sides being a goddamn slacker like I used to. Heh, by saying that, I feel like Hercules or some awesome kick-ass warrior. But, no. I'm not one.
Plus, there's been a great contradiction for me to stop complaining and ranting at whoever I bump into about my university application and START APPLYING damn it.
I apologize for the vulgarity because I am so darn tired and frustrated in dealing with such contradictions.
Its not funny anymore. Seriously. I should've done it much earlier.
Too late for regrets. Too late to die young.

Oh so this morning's Developmental Psychology class was utterly boring that I fell asleep. There was a funny yet embarrassing moment which I will come to that later. So basically the lecturer was going on about bearing a child, child labor, child birth. Too much of emphasis that I was disgusted. Quite. Pretty sure Amanda was too.
At one point of time I was too tired to continue listening to her sleep-inducing speech that I let my head rest on my arm and slept. I am pretty sure I fell asleep. Then suddenly out of nowhere, I jerked myself awake. It was so funny as if I was scrambling to find a shore in the midst of drowning in a pool of water. Now when I think back, I can't stop laughing my ass off. It was that funny.
Incident spectator: Amanda & Gilberto :D
Amanda came to hold me still immediately after I jerked. Aww so nice of her. But ITS SO FUNNY!

Was rushing with time as I anxiously waited for my turn to come behind that never-ending cue at the bursary. The lady who grumbles a lot came back from her lunch break and commented on how people like to pay on the last day. Woman! Its not even the last day of payment la! Get your facts right. -.-
Mummy came to pick me up from main block at 1.30pm to the hospital for my last immunization injection for Hepatitis B. Pardon the weird me; oh how I LOVE injections. :D

Rushed back to college, just in time for my Calculus replacement class. At the beginning was quite a little of a struggle but after that, it was slightly okay because we were doing Differentiation, something we have already done back in high school. Then the questions became tougher and I was stuck again. Oh well. Whoever said Calculus was easy was a freak. Just proven my point, Cassandra is a freak. kthxbai.

CK dropped by college and brought Sarah, Lynn and I out to Mid Valley for food. Was my late lunch. Really late. It was already five something then. So I ate a packet of nasi lemak and a kuih at Nyonya Colors and shared a box of chilly fries with them at Carl's Jr. Dinner at seven as usual and I can still eat my food. Just proves how hungry I was.
From seven something in the morning till five something in the evening, just two packets of biscuit to keep the stomach full. How can?

Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. - Voltaire



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