broken bubble.

Today My Life Begins – Bruno Mars

Don’t leave. Please. Stay. Its nice to be in the dark, right? You can relax a little. No brittle smiles. No air kisses. No sarcasm. Forget the stress. The worry. The petty skirmishes. Life is too short. Too short for cruelty. Close your eyes. Embrace the moment

I am going to miss you a lot. Going to miss us being together a lot. Going to miss staring at your pretty face when we cam. Going to miss staring at you while you fall asleep. Going to miss sleeping on your lap while you sleep on mine when you’re tired. Going to miss stroking you as you fall asleep. Going to miss you, doing the same to me as I try to fall asleep through your beautiful distractions. Going to miss tickling you at your palm giving you that tingly feeling. Going to miss you, tickling me back so that I get to enjoy that tingly feeling as well. Going to miss blowing into your ears while you cringe to it almost every time. Going to miss you, blowing into mine so furiously as you lock me in your arms when I try to escape from it. Going to miss you, locking gaze into my eyes as I try to avoid it awkwardly when I love so much about it. Going to miss dirty talking with you because nothing else feels better knowing that you only do so to ease my throbbing headaches. Going to miss you, giving me virtual kisses whenever clock shows a series of ones. Going to miss you, wishing me good night with all the sweetest words a girl ever wish to hear. Going to miss you, calling me names that remind me of how much I am loved. Going to miss you, giving me butterflies over and over again through you littlest actions. Going to miss you, making my heart skip beats as you do things I can never dream of when I least expected. Going to miss you, holding my hands constantly when we together, as if knowing that I adore holding yours. Going to miss feeling safe whenever you tighten your grip on mine as we approach empty alleys. Going to miss kissing you because it means way more than just some simple lip therapy that you give me. Going to miss hugging you, when all I feel is that the world is crashing down on me and when I need emotional support badly. Going to miss lying down on your chest, hearing that calm heartbeat of yours as it calms mine at the same time. Going to miss you, randomly bringing up topics that skip by so fast that I lose track and start laughing helplessly. Going to miss smiling crazily every time we chat on msn. Going to miss staring at your beautiful picture that pops up every time I receive a text message from you. Going to miss how you always manage to reassure me whenever there’s doubt. Going to miss your sweet talks that never fail to make my heart melt and all mushy inside. Going to miss doodling on the never ending draft on blogger, though never ending seems like it has finally meet its end now. Going to miss how everything about you, constantly reminds me of how lucky a girl I am. The list goes on, but one thing for sure, I am definitely going to miss every single thing about us being together. I never regretted from the first day we met.

Yours truly,
the girl who misses the past.


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