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You know, it is such a cliché to start a class by saying, "Hello everyone. This is ... class. My name is ... ."
You know, it is such a cliché to end one by saying, "Okay we shall stop here. I shall see you in the next class."
Can't the lecturers think of something different to say? Something less predictable. Something sophisticated to catch the students' attention. Something interesting.
Something like, "So, the sky is clear today and hope that helps you concentrate in class better! *grins* I'm ... .Shall we begin now by going through the course outline? *grins again* "
Something like, "Any questions to ask before I dismiss the class so that we can all go home and sleep?" to end the class.
I really liked how Dr. O'Neal ended her Introduction to Research Methods class last semester by throwing chocolates to the class. Really.Sophisticatedly.Uniquely.Different

Previously, I was in such bad dilemma in deciding what subjects to take for this semester. Seems like there are plenty of subjects for me to take for this semester, hence, I was indecisive. After my last trial class this morning, I made my decision so abruptly and felt pretty confident with it that it was a little scary. It was Research Methods class with Winnie Chong. Of course, she is a very very good lecturer. There's no doubt to it. But the fact that I have no choice but to pay a 110% attention during her classes is stressing me out. There's no possible way that I can possibly do that. Today was the first class. Bad enough, she already had 3 quizzes given right on the spot. Short time constraint. Extreme obsessive compulsive disorder. I just can't take classes like that. Too much of stress that my stress level meter will literally explode. Plus, if i were to take this subject, that will mean that I would have to attend 3 classes which stretch from 8am till 6pm, all three classes will eventually lead to brain fried brain dead moments. So its a bad idea after all.
Class today was really stressful.
Everything flashed past and every scene comes in so abruptly and bombs you in the face and leaves just like that. Too much for the brain to take in. Definitely not a class where you get too bored and start dozing off. Definitely not a very wise thing to do to fall asleep during class.

You know, it is such a cliché to start the year with New Year resolution which includes getting good grades this year and stop slacking or study harder than I used to. Well, I don't usually have New Year's resolution but I do, tell myself at the beginning of every year, every semester that I will study harder and more consistently this semester to get better grades than I used to. I do! Turned out, last minute things, still, remain as components in completing my courses. I have to change that. With Mitchell by my side. I shall survive Calculus. With Amanda by my side, I shall survive History of Western Civilization, Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology. I shall survive this semester. *high hopes* :)

Note: Today my college mate told me that my Chinese name is so cute. *:)


Lovely, Pei Ning.


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