"Bride Knight"

Those are the moments I won't give up for anything else...

Just a little something that I have to get out of my head and I don't want to do it in Twitter cause I tweeted a lot today. :/
"You know what you can do? You can stuff your head into the toilet bowl, and flush the hell out of yourself. Then you can go around and try to convince people that you have a well functional mind cause you just proved that you don't."
I know its nonsensical and random but it has been bothering me so much since just now.
Do any of you actually talk to yourself? As in literally talking like you're talking to somebody but the conversation is all directed towards yourself. As in you ask the question and you answer yourself.
Oh no confession time! I do. Especially in the shower. I'm crazy! I'm schizophrenic! *gasp*
And it is in the shower, when all the most random and nonsensical stuffs will come attacking my mind. You know like how the psychologists will say that the unconscious will manifest your mind and your dreams when you sleep? It seems like the unconscious is manifesting my mind as well when I shower! Okay now I'm convinced that I'm losing my mind a little.

Anyway, today's Developmental Psychology lecture was a little better than the last. I did not fall asleep. But something else was more distracting than ever! It was a girls hair. It was curled. And it has some white unknown particles on it! Not a few but a lot! We were guessing that its her scalp. Ewww... Disgusting!
Oh... *rewind rewind*
Sleep wasn't good at all. Had very disturbed sleep patterns since the last few days. I'm officially zombified.
*rewind some more*
I went to Singapore last Wednesday evening and came back on Sunday night.
Main reason: my grandmother's birthday.
Main joy: bought two really adorable men T-shirts for myself from a shop called Vintage:FB. But who cares? Its so cute that even though its over-sized (obviously), i'll still wear it to public area. Bleh...
Main amusement: the MRT announcer. "Next station, Novena" :D Bliss.
Nothing else special besides liking some childish moments with the sister.
*forward forward forward*
Watched Easy A. Its kinda a nice movie. I pity the character.

Rant of the day: Study please. You have a quiz tomorrow. kthxbai.

Pei Ning


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