Was the name of the wine drank the other day at The Wine Company in Singapore. It was nice.
So, Chinese New Year is less than a week away and frankly speaking, it doesn't feel like it is approaching at all.
No excitement. No anticipation. Nothing.
Such a disappointment huh? Yeah I know better.
I'm guessing maybe its because it is so close to the other festive like Christmas and New Year, that people have not wrapped up their enthusiasm for the aforementioned days. Well, speaking from my point of view, I was still singing Jingle Bells song in Calculus class today. Yes I was that lame and distracted.
Oh but I was not alone. Mitchell, who was sitting right beside me, was humming this Looney Tunes theme song at such high pitch that when I finally asked him a question, he did not manage to tune his voice back down and answered me with a chipmunk-sounds-alike voice. I was certain that I stunned for a little while, then started laughing hysterically with him joining in beside. It was hilarious and awkward.
Anyway, another reason could be that time is passing way too fast. In case you people hadn't realize, January is coming to its end already. Then February is on its way. Then March. Then April. Then December. Then 2012. Then 2020. Then we become old. Then we die. Or maybe, we'll all just die next year when the world comes to an end.
But think again. If there were to be a functional clock which has never stopped in the past 50 years, then it can probably tell us if time has increased in speed (its hard not to believe that it hasn't). Could it be that we have been too busy with things that we don't realize time has come and gone? Could it be that we have been way to leisure just as the saying, 'time flies when you're having fun'? Well, these are the questions we ought to ask ourselves. Self-reflection time!
One last reason that I can think of - nobody really cares about Chinese New Year this time round.
Nevertheless, Chinese New Year wouldn't be quite a nice one without a complete family to celebrate with you. Chinese New Year wouldn't be quite a nice one with so many things from college and everything left to worry about. Chinese New Year wouldn't be quite a nice one with so many things left to complete during the generous week break from the extremely stressful life events. Chinese New Year wouldn't be quite a nice one without having a nice and harmonious get together among family and friends (some people just have to strip off their disgusting facade and learn to truly care again).

This is Evelyn, sincerely wishing all folks out there a Happy Chinese New Year.

Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. - Vincent McNabb


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