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Today is the 8th of January, 2011. It may be just another ordinary day for many of you out there but it certainly is not for me.
Today, is Justin's birthday. He turned 20 today! Not to tease but sad for him. His age does not start with a one in front no more. *please insert expression here*
Today, is my TOEFL examination day. Err... Basically, I think I screwed up some parts here and there. I have no idea what happened because everything was happening so fast and all I could do was to read, listen, think, write and speak so fast while keeping track of the time remaining. Chaotic. I saw some people speaking so loudly and animatedly with all the hand gestures and forced out accent. Pretty weird. Sean was on my right while Cassandra was on my eight o'clock. Everything went fast and at the end of it, I wasn't even sure if I've done alright or not. At the end of the test, they asked to either report or cancel your answers. I was so scared that I accidentally click on CANCEL and there goes my answers and efforts. Well, I made sure I click on the right one. Still a little worried over that though. I never liked questions like that where one answer can affect a whole lot of things. Never.
Today, I hung out with Clement. It always has been nice, hanging out with him. Somehow. One way or another. Ate out at Manhattan. Seafood Chowder soup, Fish and Chips with Dory, iced lemon tea, and I'm officially stuffed. Skipped dinner cause I was so full. Plus, lunch was later than usual.
Today, had fun chatting with friends online. Haven't done that in quite a while I guess.
Today, found out that my high school friends actually gotten me a birthday present. I am so touched and overwhelmed, despite not yet, seen the present itself. After all, its my FIRST ever time, receiving present from my friends for my birthday. Really happy. Thank you peeps. Love you all.
Today, wasn't that bad of a day after all. Notwithstanding having to wake up earlier than usual for the TOEFL test.
Today, are one of the days I will anticipate and hope for in the future.

Till then, xoxo


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