Like A Star - TaeYeon & The One

Officially, i'm still 18. Two more years to finally step out of my teenage life.
But (oh damn i hate buts cause the rest of the sentences always suck. Always!), technically, I have to act like a 19 year old already when I just turned 18 less than a month ago! That sucked. December babies will totally understand what I'm talking about.
When people start asking, how old are you, my natural response will be 18 (for now) cause obviously I just turned 18 and its not wrong to say that. Just tell me how you're gonna tell people you're 19 year old when you're barely there?
Oh sorry I'm beating round the bush and going about in circles over the same thing. Ah... just what you'll get when a girl starts rambling on and on that you wanna give her a slap right there in her bitchy face. Okay I did not just said that. *cancels cancels*
But I digress. I was talking about how... Oh nevermind, i've finished what I needed to say.

So, university application hasn't been looking up for me. First cause I'm still procrastinating like A LOT. Second cause I got ffk-ed by my counselor who was supposed to meet me on Friday morning cause we made an appointment and she confirmed it. Oh well, just my luck. Friday wasn't quite a good day to me yet it wasn't quite bad. I started like hell, but turned out to be quite okay in the end. Watched some really funny and touching local production movie in the cinema. Thumbs up. Forgotten the movie title but it was something with the word sky in it.

Mehh, its Monday all over again. I shall come up with something more meaningful and less lifeless like this post soon so that I can kick this down and prevent scaring people off my site. Till then!

Peace out.


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