peeps *:)

Heartstring by Clara C

Currently having my mood lifted up by listening to a whole playlist by Clara C.
Suddenly have this bad craving of star gazing. I just want to lie down on a fleece blanket laid over the soft grass in your arms under the beautiful moonlight while we admire the milky way. I want a getaway with no other, just hope that you will hold me the entire night.

We Could Happen by AJ Rafael

New Year started with waking up earlier than my usual wake up time. Went over to a2f pastor's house to make dumplings. It was really fun when you make dumplings with so many other unexperienced people as there was no one to judge our skills. We got to be creative with the square and round dumpling skins and everyone had a blast. Eating the self-made dumplings was a blast and was never as satisfying. We had a choice of fried and boiled dumplings. Well, personal preference, boiled dumplings were better tasting and healthier :)

Good Day by IU

Am pretty aimless now. Emotions rather disturbed as of the something that i went to just now. People there somehow made me feel a little uncomfortable. Well, just glad that it is over as of now.

Offbeat by Clara C

Just found out how useful YouTube playlist is, now that I can't download songs as i like. Well, just arranging and creating my playlist right now since I just learned how to use it. Kinda late and slow isn't it? Well, nothing's too late.

Really scraps of thoughts that I have right now. A great post to the start off the year eh?

As the cold is intensifying,

Till more inspiration comes,



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