Mendelssohn piano Concerto No. 1 by Yuja Wang

I believe this year is going to be interesting.
Started out great, then few days into a new year, I got locked out of the apartment room. Great eh?
It started with Amanda's apartment having no wifi at all so I had to go down to the lobby to have internet connection. At first, she came down with me with the reason of her liking the environment there. After approximately an hour, she left me and went back up. I was so engrossed with browsing the internet especially listening to songs on YouTube that I totally lost track of time. When I checked the time at my watch, it was showing 3.00am (New York time), which means 2am already! I panicked! Oh you don't know how badly I panicked.
I turned off everything at such great speed and flew back to the room just to find it locked. I braced myself and knocked on it a few times, harder as I went. Besides the sounds of my heartbeat thundering against my ribs, all that was there was the faint sounds of the vent coming from inside of the apartment room and the echoes of the roaring sounds of my knocking.
I was seriously petrified. I was afraid that someone might hear my knocking and gets irritated by it and file a complain that might get Amanda into trouble. I was fearful about the unfriendly, forever scowling security guard who makes his rounds and happen to bump into me, an unauthorized resident making noise at such hour. I was terrified that I might get Amanda into trouble in whatever ways that resulted from me being locked out. At the rate of my knocking goes and the outcome of it, I was completely apprehensive about me being able to get in and sleep on the bed that night.
I went back down and tried using Gmail to call Amanda's phone but it kept on diverting into voice mail. That pissed me off a lot because that was the only other way to get in besides knocking, which was not a very wise move. I then logged on to Facebook to see if Derrick was on so that he can try too but he wasn't. Mitchell was though. Totally dragged Mitchell into the water asking him to call Derrick.
Jimmy was being nice though. Talked to me and understood my situation, offered me to stay over at his place and even offered to come get me. Well, wasn't quite a big fan of doing that actually. Decided to give another try, hoping that it will not yield the same result.
Again, I prepared myself to another failure. Took a deep breath, held it in for a while and exhaled heavily. There goes. I knocked as loudly as I could, feeling my knuckles hurt so incredibly from the immense impact against that wooden door. After a while, I heard responses coming from the inside. My heart skipped a beat. I continued knocking just to make sure I was not imagining anything.
Oh how relieved I was when I heard "What's going on?" a rather sleepy voice. I literally smiled to myself. At the back of my head, I was screaming with joy!

So apparently, Amanda left the door open for me but somehow it mysteriously closed.
The whole experience was rather traumatizing for me. It was tragic.
Here I am sitting at the same place and the creepy security guard just past me o.O

*jeng jeng jeng*



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