Today Was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift

she's an Angel

before i came to Des Moines, i was Extremely Excited because i can finally Meet my Brother again.
you Know i know That.
now, Two weeks is up and it is Time for me to Leave this place when i Finally began to get Comfortable and Familiar with the faces and the places here.
the People, whom i grew Closer to as Time passes by. those who were so Friendly that made me feel Belonged. i Thank those, whose Hearts were so Kind, Loving and Caring.
you Know that i Feel so Incredibly Nostalgic as time for me to Leave drew Closer Gradually.
during the Sacred Giving and Sacred Receiving Ceremony, emotions ran Wild, self Control almost Gave in. Though, numbers were Less Important.
the feeling of leaving to the US is Back all over Again, which Ironically, True.
Heavy Hearted.
Significance of Absence Prevailed.

Yours truly,



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