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12th Jan, 2012

Today was hell.
Started out with some pretty damn good typical American breakfast and some snow flakes floating down from the clear sky above. Despite the colder temperature, I really thought it was going to be another awesome day. Guess I was wrong.
Before we headed out, Kate was complaining about her tummy feeling weird and till now, we still have no idea what happened. Food poisoning? Indigestion? Remain unknown.
Fifteen minutes into walking towards Millenium Park which was about 30 minutes away without snow, 40 minutes away with snow as obstacles, my boots were soaked with water. Feet became rather cold and started numbing after a while. Not fun. Millenium Park feels so far suddenly as the snow fall became heavier as the minute ticked past. After a while, it feels like the snow was just attacking us! It was a snow storm damn it! A snow storm! Too late to turn back or take the bus because we were there already at Millenium Park. Could barely see the Chicago reflective bean with all the snow falls. Even opening the eye through all the snow and strong wind was so tough and what more taking pictures. Managed to snap a few shots and time to keep the camera back into the bag. Pretty numb hands too!
The snow gotten even heavier by the time we left Millenium Park, heading towards Field Museum of Natural History which was another half an hour away. I tell you, that was one hell of an experience despite the freezing toes and strong wind. Route was pretty straight forward but still was holding the map to navigate a little just in case we took the wrong route and lead to a longer walk than necessary in the cold. Was pretty funny because it reminded me of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" where the father was struggling to make it past the hurricane to get to his son. Was rather cool.
When we finally saw the museum, barely visible despite being rather close, we rejoiced! Again, it was like seeing food for the first time in many days for a starving person. Imagine how warm and cozy it would be in the museum!
Coming back out to the cold to head back was tormenting. We took the bus back, stopped by a restaurant that we found the food delicious, Portillo's Hot Dogs and Barnelli's Pasta Bowl for dinner. Bed never felt as comfortable ever. Took some effort to dry my shoes then lights off.

13th Jan, 2012

Again, delicious finger-licking good American Breakfast with authentic hash browns, egg, sausage patty and toasts. Walked down to Navy Pier felt like forever. Again, boots got wet. Nothing much till we dropped by The Cheesecake Factory. YUM!!!
Ate the first quarter of it and packed it away due to time constrain. Gobbled up the rest of it while waiting for the bus to Des Moine at the Greyhound Station :P

Des Moine here I come!
Brother Lee!! :)

Pei Ning


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