two weeks;-

Everybody Knows by John Legend

Two weeks into a brand new year. Have you been keeping up with your resolutions?
Two weeks into a brand new year. Have you had any impressive breakthroughs yet?
Two weeks into a brand new year. Have you experienced any extraordinary events yet?
Two weeks into a brand new year. Have you changed into a better person than before?
Two weeks into a brand new year. Have you loved more?

I know that some of you may have already started a new school year or even a new semester. If you haven't, I believe you will soon enough. Mine will start in two weeks time, that leaves me another half a month. This winter break as some of you may have already know through my previous posts, that I have flown from Plattsburgh to the midwest, Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit my friend. For that, I get people asking me why.
"Why Minnesota? Seriously? Don't you know that it is much colder over there?"
Also, I get people giving me funny comments.
"Minnesota? A lot of Vikings there." (you'll understand if you watch American football frequently)
"Oh Minnesota. Mall of America!"
Well, my reply would be that the residence hall closes so I had to go somewhere and I am taking this opportunity to travel around the US and am starting with somewhere I have place to bunk in.
Two weeks after, I decided to explore more of the Midwest by taking the Greyhound bus down to Chicago.

I would say this trip was a very well planned one as we carefully scanned through all the potential touristic spots and slowly prioritize on those which we can nicely fit into our itinerary. Of course, we did not forget about checking the weather forecast and decided to arrange for more indoor activities like visiting the museum for colder days.
As of the end of my Chicago trip tomorrow, I will be heading down to Des Moine, Iowa to where my brother is, approximately 7 hours bus ride from Chicago. It is a small town as well, but I guess it is spending more quality time with the brother and his friends while we do fun and silly things together. Time will eventually be well spent over there perhaps

Two weeks into a brand new year. It is all going great except for a few blue moments, which I think only takes up a small percentage of my overall happy moments :)

What about you?




xinwei said...
Friday, January 13, 2012

travelling sounds fun! 2 weeks and i've been bumming at home. sucks, huh. but that's okay, cny's gonna be around in about a week's time, and i'm already all fattened up anyways. XD

America sounds awfully fun ;u;

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