drop dead.

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Time check: 6.56am
Location check: Drake University dorm front desk
Role check: good sister accompanying brother
Self check: Not very tired
Duration check: Work time 4 hours
Duration due: 7am

Outside is cold.
Current temperature: -13 Celsius
Walking around the neighborhood felt like my brother and I were the last men standing.
Felt like a zombie apocalypse has strike. All dead silent.
Snow and frost remained on the ground. All was peaceful and calm.
Not a sound of a bird, nor cricket. Just, the heavy footsteps that echo in the ears.

I have seen it.
The soft and fluffy snow that makes up of millions of delicate and detailed snow flakes.
Intriguing it is.
I want more.

Here it is again :)

Lee Pei Ning


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