You and I by IU

3am. I was walking in the snow with a companion back from Drake University campus.
The occasional wind drove chill, fast as lightning up my spine. I was only dressed in my laced strap, covered by my thin fuchsia pink Nike jacket. The ground was already covered completely by a rather thick layer of even snow. So fluffy as I stepped on it.
That feeling when your conscience is constantly banging at the back of your mind when you are consciously destroying something exquisite and flawless. That was it every time i lay a step on the ground. Whoever feel sad and sorry when stepping on the ground? That was me, yesterday.
Turned around, two sets of footsteps trailed behind. It was just like footsteps in the sand, except this time it was snow instead. We started fooling around, creating funny patterns on the ground despite feeling excruciatingly cold. Walked in circles, thinking that people who will see our footprints in the future will think that we were lost souls. Acted like fools, thinking that the university police will wonder what we were up to at 3 in the morning.
Most of all, there was the feeling of insecurity. It was that if there was anybody with evil intentions out there, our tracks can be easily traced and the bad guy will know where we were heading to. He will follow our tracks and back to our home and...
Well, it was just a thought, but not something to take for granted. I still think untouched snow is dangerous as such.

(picture credit: loveforliana.com)

Pei Ning


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