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Oh no, I don't play Dota. This time, I have no choice but to get stuck in between people who do, people like my brother and his friends.
Right now, we are just waiting for Cheng Kang to get off work so that he can treat us to some nice Froyo and off we go to dinner before going to play basketball.
For some of you who don't already know, I am now in Des Moines at my brother's place for the winter break

13th Jan, 2012

a week ago,

Approximately 11.50am...

I stepped down the Greyhound bus as I arrived at the bus station at downtown Des Moines. Spent the last few days in Chicago, IL touring around that windy city. Oh I can tell you the experience was so diverse and intriguing, frustrating at the same time. Updates coming your way as soon as I get hold of the pictures that I have taken.
I was literally exhausted after the last few rather hectic days in Minneapolis, extreme foot walking around downtown Chicago for five consecutive days and dreadfully long bus rides before arriving at this so called cornfield city :D
Thinking that I would be able to drop dead on the bed and rest for the night and the rest of the day of next, I was wrong. I was driven out to Walmart with the guys to get groceries and then back to brother's second home to hang out with the guys. No doubt that they are really fun to hang out with after a week chillin' with them doing things, but I was desperate for some adequate rest.
That was not all. Despite going to bed at about 3.30am, I had to wake up early in the morning because we were all heading out to Seven Oaks near Ames to ski! Rather thrilled with that idea but still doubting my body's capacity for energy drainage.
Skiing seems like a three year once thing to me. So periodical. The first time I was introduced to this sport was when I was in a tour in Korea. Second was when I was in Japan, with my host family and those four young girls. Now, the third, was with my brother and his friends.
They were rather fascinated about the zig zag ski pattern and were trying to master it. Well, I was just testing the waters again after so long and my first slide down the steep slope was definitely exhilarating. Oh the adrenaline rush was incredible! After a while, I was just sliding down the slope without wanting to try otherwise, afraid that I might be injured.
Seeing some small kids being able to do so much better than I, gave me the motivation to want to try the zig zag pattern. After the first try, I was starting to get it and was ecstatic!
As night falls, I decided to do ski one last time before switching to learning snowboarding. While I was sliding down the hill... *WHAM* I fell so hard my chest hurt like crazy. For a moment, I felt like I tergegar my brain and was too dizzy to do anything. All I did was kneeling down on the snow blanket and stare at the ground. I was crouching like a statue for almost a minute with my fist, pressed firm against my chest as if to stop the agony.
From a distance, I heard someone calling out to me, those going up the cable, "Hey miss, you alright?"
"Yeah I am. No worries."
"You sure? You don't look fine."
"Yes I am fine. I'm fine."
When I finally looked up, I saw all my ski equipments scattered all over the place. Tried to recall the fall but all I could remember was me falling facedown and the impact was great.
As I am typing this, my chest still hurts like a bitch when I press slightly hard on it. Still does when I sneeze. Bad. Bad

Snowboarding was yet another short episode of this outing. Was hard.
Started at bunny hill and after twice sliding down halfway the slope, I went on to the steep hills.
I guess I could slowly slide down by doing it horizontally, but I certainly do not know how to control the direction I am heading to. Kept on falling down it pisses me off. Sore butt after the whole thing and especially my left wrist, which I kept on using to support my body weight when I fall.
Overall was fun. Enjoyed it. The next time I go I will do snowboarding.
Did I mention?
Girls who snowboard are smokin' hot! Oh nooo... Too sexy :P

The next three days was hurting all over. No doubt. Yet, no regrets *:)

great success comes with great determination



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