Untouchable - Taylor Swift

I just had the most emotional hair clip search. And I admit- I am a very emotional person.
I came back from dinner, took out my laundry and somehow, i remembered that i had to look for my Plattsburgh special edition badge because i haven't seen it in a while. Then i began searching for my beloved white hair clip that i was using this morning because i simply want to use it.
i searched around my study desk, in the drawers and i couldn't find it anywhere. That was when i began to panic. I checked the trash can right beside my table but it wasn't there. Roommie told me she took the trash out this afternoon. I went out searching for it. Yes that was right. Rummaging through the rubbish in the hallway looking for my hair clip. I looked like a fool. Someone threw ice cream over my trash and it was so disgusting. There was some food crumbs, banana skin, loads of tissue, dust and hair. I looked through all of them. Still, I couldn't find it :(
I went back to my room to continue my search, but no matter how much and detailed i looked, it was all in vain. I broke down and cried. Even though it did not cost me a bomb getting that hair clip, that white thing was my favorite clip of all! I cried. I was sad. Someone walked away because i was acting all silly. Well, I treasure my things. That was why i care so much. That was why i cried :'(
I wrote "mourn for my white hair clip" on the board hanging on my door. I was sincerely sad.
Just when i was about to give up and "die", a short and sharp thought pierced through my sorrow like an arrow shot by an archer, i literally attacked my pyjamas which was folded neatly, lying on top my cupboard. I dug through the pocket and there it was!! I was overwhelmed with the joy of recovering my white hair clip. So overwhelmed that i cried. Much more than when i thought i lost it.

I guess right now, Tian and Myung Joo officially think that i am such a small kid, crying over my lost stuff, crying much more when i found it back. That's who i am. I still remember all the important things i have lost that i never recovered. Those that i still feel guilty and mourn about.

Anyways, drama all out.
Its over.
I found my white hair clip.
The End



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