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Come Round Soon - Sara Bareilles

Music comes into play when silence is deafening

I apologize for not updating my blog despite many eager readers, wanting to know what has become of me after I left Malaysia. I am sincerely sorry.
Well, I have been trying to adapt to this new life, more to finding a rhythm and trying to keep up with the pace of it. I love how there's increased opportunities for leisure, being all independent right now (not entirely true actually but i am certainly trying), breaking off my comfort zone, dipping my toe then submerge my entire body into the frozen lake (just a metaphor). And what's greatest is that my appetite has greatly increased ever since I set foot in the United States.
Well, everything here is big in the US, even my campus, it is big. I do have to speed walk about at least 10 - 15 minutes to reach the farthest building in my campus from my residence hall, which is the opposite end. Loads of non-deliberate exercise and you'll somehow grow fitter and gain some stamina because walking is inadvertent here. Hence, I have learnt the lesson of leaving at least half an hour to get ready to walk to class. Just in case there's a change of venue and you'll be so dead if you were to rush to class just to find a small notice pasted at the door notifying a change of venue.
It was a bad experience, for my first day of class. I thought class was at this building close to my residence hall so i took my own sweet time walking there. Then when i was smack in front of the entrance of Yokum, i recalled the email i read last night and there was a change of venue. I ransacked my bag through the things and checked my notebook once more. I felt myself turning pale as i stare at the new venue. It is almost 15 minutes walk from where i was. So i speed walked there due to time constraint and still had trouble looking for the classroom even in the building itself. That situation sucks a big time.

Listen - Beyonce Knowles

I am enrolled in 6 classes this semester. 15 credits in total. Still, i love critical reading class the most. Reason was because my lecturer, Bryan, reminds me a lot of Joe's class. The lecturer was bald as well, just like Joe. The way he conducts the class is also somewhat similar to Joe. Really relaxing. Plus, I love how there's always discussion and critical thinking involving when class in session. College Writing class, in the meanwhile, even though the syllabus is almost the same, but the lecturer, Marcia, is a very peculiar lady. Hence, her way of conducting the class is odd as well. Not quite my thing.
Psychological Statistics class is more to like Add Math in high school and Statistics in college. Very much the same. Still can cope with it so far. Hope things stays the same like that. Lecturer gives very clear explanation and examples as well though. Public Speaking lecturer gives me a hard time when she contradicts herself though. Saying that we can retain our accents because it is our roots, yet she commented on the way i'm pronouncing "say". And she said the right way to pronounce it is the American way since I'm in America now. the toot?
This first week is long. But so far, it has been good. Having I guess a funner class later, International Experience. If we were to pass the entrance test, we wouldn't have to take that class. But it is worth one credit, so I am going to take it anyways. Why? Because i am not a Japanese student. Somehow being Japanese, they have this thing against this class! Hahahaha... Many of them studied to make sure they pass the test to be exempted from this class. How adorable :)

When We Die - Bowling For Soup

I really love it when i get lucky and the door for the access to the performance grand is open. So far, I only got to play on it twice, but the experience was beyond describable. There's this feeling of satisfaction when my fingers run freely on it. The first time i did, I was overwhelmed with this particular feeling, which has got nothing to do with playing the piano, but the resonance of the sounds was in sync with my feelings and my eyes started to blur out and i cried. I was depressed that day. Hence, getting all emotional on the piano.
The rest of the upright pianos in John Myers Fine Arts Building were in terrible condition though.
The ones in the game rooms in residence halls Adirondack and Whiteface are just okay. Well, talking about pianos, i better get going and play myself some nice music before my next class.

Till then, folks.
Pei Ning


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