the beauty.

Con Te Partiro - Andrea Brocelli 

It was so mesmerizingly hypnotizingly amazingly incredibly beautiful out there tonight. the scenery is just captivating. so picture perfect that i stopped my foot pace in the middle of the night on the dark pavement, cold and alone, just admiring the beauty.
the moon, so bright it appears, although not as round. mooncake festival is coming next Monday. the idea of not being able to celebrate this special festival this year with my family is just heart wrenching. reminiscing how we used to set up party tables outside in the car porch of our house, eating mooncakes, drinking Chinese tea, while the young ones will just play along with candles, fire and beautiful lanterns of different shapes.
it was then, the past, when there were children in the neighborhood. just almost every house will have beautiful lanterns and candles lighted up. the atmosphere was completely filled with warm and relaxed ambience. nothing to worry about. just the beauty of the Chinese tradition.
this year, i will be seeing the moon from a 180 degrees turn from where i came from, some place where my loved ones are waiting patiently for my return one day, somewhere a part of my heart will always remains, somewhere i call home.
just tonight, the moonlight was so bright it felt like a different day time. oh how it shines brilliantly in the midst of the dark blue sky where little stars are blinking adorably around it. oh how it dazzles me by hiding shyly behind the beautiful pine trees. oh how it compliments the white lights along the pavements. oh how it looks so perfect hanging above the beautiful red bricked building. oh how all the aforementioned combined is simply flabbergasting and fresh.
this is a sight that i have never came in contact with but one that i fell in love almost instantly the moment i lay eyes on it. completely overwhelmed.

till fall creeps a little more closer to me, before the winter comes, it will be extremely beautiful, with maple leaves all over the ground. in fact, i am already seeing some, little maple leaves outside my residence hall where there's maple trees and pine trees.
i bet it'll be beautiful. with some winter sonatas playing in the background, you will find me dancing along the campus with that little hoodie that i'll put on and my new blue canvas shoes. that little girl whose smile never gets old. the little girl that resides in me forever.

till the day comes,

i will be waiting.



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