Together - Ruben Studdard

this is a perfect song. perfect vocal. perfect song to drive the turbine of emotions. i get chills listening to this song every time without fail. i still wonder why doesn't he get famous after American Idol though

today, i realized, life can be so fragile. so vulnerable.
just two weeks back, my Critical Reading lecturer, Bryan, introduced me to this remarkable person, Wangari Maathai. at first, i was completely baffled by this new topic and this new person. she was introduced to me with such great impact that i was immediately impressed become envious of her achievements. she was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution in sustainable development, democracy and peace. she was well known for her Green Belt Movement that aims to create a better environment for our future generation.
today, i was devastated. i was flabbergasted to the news of her death. i felt that i have not enough time, to embrace her presence on this earth, to accept the fact that i am sharing this planet with such a great person who came out with so many great master ideas, so powerful, rhetorical and influential in her personality. just as she came into this earth silently, she left quietly, bringing with her nothing else, instead leaving back with us a great legacy.
September 25th, 2011 is when the world will mourn for the departure of another great soul, someone who made changes to the world.

"We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, instead, we borrowed from our children."

Something to think about.
An event that i attended, the Peace and Justice Conference lead by the Poetree. It was really inspiring and touching. The two women from Brooklyn, how they showed and taught me things that i never was aware of, things that i took for granted, things that i neglected. they reached out and touched my heart through the words from the poems they recited. the words, so powerful and strong that made me cry.
Vy, the vietnamese girl who was sitting beside me, criticized me for crying at their poem. "such a cry baby." she said. at the back of my head, i was thinking "Just because you don't understand or appreciate the poems, doesn't mean that i should not as well." I really thought she was shallow that time. yet, i took pity on her for missing out on such a great thing. it meant so much to me and i believe, their words touched many others in the events they had before and will have in the near future, and many other people around the world they travelled to. it was really overwhelming. the pieces of scraps containing messages by people all around the world that they sewed together to form long strips of cloth. the messages, so powerful with different messages of people of different skin color, different backgrounds, no stereotyping, no discrimination, just plain unity, humanity, all aiming for the common goal. people are brought together just by the strong faith and believe in something. it was incredible.

Of course, i wrote a message as well, hoping to inspire another soul or many others with my words.
from the bottom of my heart;

signing out, proceeding with the work i have in hand,


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