The Best You Never Had - Leona Lewis



Somehow, whenever i log on to Facebook and enter the homepage, i feel like there's this boundary between my home, my friends back home, my life back home. As they talk about the most random things, even going to an island like Redang, i have this deep temptation to join them, mainly because i am not able to. Of course, you will understand how when you are interdicted or deliberately deprived from something that you crave for it badly.
Some people ask me if i am experiencing or have experienced any form of home sick feelings. My response? Simply stare at them with this completely clueless facial expression and shake my head.
Nope. Nothing. Nil.
No! It wasn't because i don't love home or not close to home or not family oriented. I am!
The wonders of technology has played a crucial role in bringing home closer to my heart despite me being more than 10,000 miles apart from home. I am literally on the opposite side of the earth, seeing that I am exactly 12 hours behind the Asia Pacific time zone.
Skyping with my parents when they are at home can be really comforting at times. With the occasional cuckoo sounds are just simply nostalgic. Just the sounds of those are enough to bring tears to my eyes.
Nevertheless, knowing that i am not the only one experiencing this, some may be even worse, the people in Plattsburgh, the ISS staff, the lecturers, the admin, the workers, the students etc. Literally everyone around me are so friendly and open. People around me are always smiling so cheerfully, wishing each other a great day ahead, asking each other about how their days went when they bump into each other. Whether this is an American thing or is everyone just so perfect and radiant i do not know. But, the positive aura here is just constantly exploding and renewing like nuclear energy.
Unlimited. Forever. Constantly. Never ending.

No reason to feel blue. No reason to feel depressed. As everyone's here for each other.
Furthermore, the amount of reading and work given just in the first two weeks are just overwhelming, leaving no room for emotions and procrastination. Just working the ass off.
Of course, not forgetting fun. Playing Mario Kart with them people are just fun. Kyle and Jeremy? They are just extremely friendly people you'll even get addicted to hanging out with them.
I love my roommate for we still maintain very good relationship and she really likes me. Hope this goes on of course. Need to clean the floor though heh...


Night is settling. Just in a few more hours the sun will come back up and take over the world.
Shall be heading to bed then. Will miss the playlist and the amazing headphones.
the hand dryer in the toilet is very scary. it triggers by itself even when there's no one there. lets just pray hard its just the screwed up machines inside or we'll have to call the ghostbusters.
Oh how i love my RA and how she jokes around. She reminds me of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. Watch out for those amazing smiles!

Goodnight toodles!



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