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Obviously, this was an on campus event. It happened yesterday night at 7pm at the ACC Ballroom. It was definitely a blast.
We had to purchase our rubber bracelet as our entrance fee from the sponsor group Alpha Sigma Phi at a minimum donation of $3 for keepsake and I have gotten me 4 beautiful glow sticks for $1 as well. It was a black light party Zumba style and the whole hall was like a club with loads of booty shaking, catchy music rhythm, zumba professionals leading on the stage, disco lights, cool DJ at the front. It was all good and fun. I had a damn good time, with the lights dimmed down, everyone just shaking their booties along with the rhythm, suddenly i wasn't quite self-conscious at all!!
This was a charity event of course. That was why I was willing to pay $3 for a rubber bracelet and everything else just to have fun and for the sake, in the name of charity. All the profits will benefit P.A.G.E. (Program for African Growth through Education), a non-profit group based in Plattsburgh. These funds will directly aid in the construction of schools and the purchase of school supplies in Burkina Faso, Africa.
I thought, why not spend a little money, a little time and have a whole loads of fun, meet awesome people, exercise for fitness, try out new thing, zumba, something i have not come across before yesterday. I was actually rather excited for this event! Despite having no one to accompany me to that event, i did not hesitate about attending it at all! I just went for it, alone. It is not what i usually do because i dislike being all alone and pathetic but it was a great experience. Little did i expect to see Sandu there. I wasn't close to her before, but we sort of got closer to each other just by attending that event. It was great!
Coming to the near end of the event, we had this Bollywood feel to the whole event where we did dance battle in groups and take it the zumba style. It was awesome. The whole time i was checking the watch for the time as i still had Stats homework due the next morning, but the urge to stay till the end was way stronger than going back to the dorm, all sad and unhealthy and pathetic to do my work. I would rather stay till the end, satisfied, confident and proud of myself for giving back to the community and dance like never before in public. That feeling was awesome. Well, the cliche saying would be 'work hard, play harder' and also another saying would be people who play hard are the most productive people around. Well, I couldn't agree with that more this time because I felt all hyped up for my work but crashed almost immediately after i finished it. It was as if i took an energy drink or something like the moment the energy drink stops putting effect, you just crashed like crazy immediately. I KO-ed, just relying on my own will power and the exercise i had in zumbathon. I have never felt anything better than I did after the event that night. I really loved it!
So, as i said, everything was conducted in the dark with glow sticks around everybody's wrists and necks and of course, UV lights around. It was really awesome. Those professionals can really shake their booties. I admit, it was my first day of period that day but i didn't care much. I just did what i had to do there, which is dance my heart out.

Here's a little picture taken by Sandu at the end of the event :)

See that glow sticks shining so brightly in the dark? Boo yeah!
That's my watch in another wrist. Yeah buddy!

Signing off feeling so tired, back to my best bed ever with my new memory foam and pillow, my comfy late night getaway where dreams are made of *:)
till the next time i update about tonight's event...



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