let silence sink in once in a while, that way, it'll get you to think

It has been raining all day long. The temperature had a rather but not quite drastic drop compared to Sunday. It is rather chilly outside, much more after the sun goes down. Actually, the sun never really came out from hiding behind the rain clouds. It was just there, behind them, giving out very faint light energy, just enough to make buildings 1 mile out visible.
Maybe it is taking a break. A break for Labor's Day.
The occasionally strong wind reminds me of the hurricane last weekend. As I struggled a little keeping the balance of my fragile and aged umbrella, i silently wished that i have brought a better umbrella over to the States.
I wore my new canvas shoes for the third time perhaps. The more steps i take across the pathway, across the roads of the parking lots, the more i take pity on my new shoes. As the front side of the pretty blue fabric turns darker when the rain drops splatter on it, water from the floor that bounces off along with my feet and lands gracefully on it, i silently wished that i didn't have to go through all of these with my precious little one.
It has been raining all day long. Maybe it is just nature taking pity on the students and lecturers and everybody in the university, or anyone outside of the university, for having to commence on our activities after the weekend, despite Labor's Day. Perhaps.
Bryan, my Critical Reading class lecturer, said something about the differences between work and job. Of course, Labor's Day is a day off of one's job; but it is certainly not the case for work. In fact, he looked forward to his work, hence, nods in agreement with the university's decision to not call a day off for this supposed to be a rest day for everyone.
A wise comment. A philosophical one.

While you think more about the content of my writing, or dozing off in the midst of it, i shall resume to my reading for Public Speaking class.
Or, grab some dinner if YeeJin comes by and knock on my door.

Till then~


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