Leo Christmas Charity Bazaar 2008

It is held in Subang Parade. My shift started at 9.30 am and last till 2.00 pm. In the morning, my mum and i was stuck in a massive traffic jam despite the fact that we started from home early which is when the clock struck nine. When my mum dropped me by the bus stop in front of the entrance, i thought i was late because it was already 9.40 am. So i paced up a little and entered into the mall.

I checked the time and the date, afraid i had gotten the time and date wrong when i saw there was not even a single SMKTS Leo there. So i just sat down aside and waited. When it was almost 9.50am, i proceeded to call Wai Phun and found out they have already reached and were standing at the place where i have been waiting for long. And suddenly i felt like a fool. In moments, we were walking in and out of the mall carrying stuffs and getting ready for the bazaar.

It started quite hard in the arranging of things on the table because of some reason and we had to change the position of things for four times consecutively. Didn't want to tell why so don't ask why. After that, i went to a started-to-be-interesting walk around the mall to pull crowds to our stall along with Cecelia and Pei Zhen. Our efforts were paid when most of them actually proceeded to our stall after that. However, some just treated us coldly and rejected us profusely before we even explain to them what exactly we are doing there as if we are some sales girls. Hello, we are here for good and for a reason. We are here for the society and some people are so rich that they are carrying LV bags and own branded accessories but are so stingy when it comes to helping the unfortunates.

It is already 12.30pm. We were tempted by the scent of delicious food but its our duty to help out in the bazaar and not to eat. Our legs are tired. We have already walked the entire mall for more than five times and back to the stall every time we walked the entire mall. And i am talking about walking and not strolling around restfully and taking pictures along the way. WE ARE DEVOTED LIKE ALL THE OTHER SMKTS LEOs and PJIs. I used to walk for the whole day non-stop when i go to tours with my parents and never get tired. I can even walk for more than 20 kilometres per day but not feeling anymore tiring than this. Maybe its because i love travelling and its different when walking in the mall, not doing shopping but promoting. But still, everything is worth walking and worth doing because "everything for charity" is our goal for this Christmas Bazaar and we all hope to give a merrier Christmas and New Year to the unfortunates.

At 1.32 pm. My partners left me alone there while they went off duty and enjoy in Sakae Sushi. I thought another half and hour will be my break and i can go home and relax so i wanted to give my best shot in this short half and hour time. Within this period, i grew to know things better and understand what life is really about also. It all started when i approached a couple around their 50s. And the guy started asking about this charity and told us its a good deed doing charity if we followed the exact procedure. And he moved on to talking about the four elements in our body which are the Wind, Fire, Liquid and Earth. The dark clouds that seems to loom around my mind every time when it comes to these things has finally put to a stop today. I understand perfectly the meaning of those things, rebirth and karma. I didn't get to hear the last part because my mum has come to pick me up.

And so, i got a quite cold welcome but a warm goodbye from the Leos. I guess its another session to get us together and bond again! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Smileys :)


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