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Leaving tomorrow. Anxious. Excited. Looking forward. Mixed feelings. Fortunately, manage to finish my work before leaving. :) Presentation done. Speech? How? Bag packed. Luggage prepared. Am i ready? Can't wait to see how i look in the uniform and blazer! Everything will take place in KLIA. Will i cry? Nope. I don't think so. To me, it is something like starting a short life there and when you get comfortable there, goodbye again. As some philosophers say, no gathering in Earth nor Universe will last forever. There must be a time where we have to leave each other and move on to our life.

I was bruised at a place near my knee. Know how i got that patch of blue-black? My luggage bag attacked me. I even had a small patch where two layers of epidermis came out. You must be thinking ' Ouch! '. Yes. It hurts. Fortunately again, it will be winter over there so i'll be wearing long pants 24-7. No ugliness exposed!

Went out with Khy Li and Sean for a tea time session at Hailam Kopitiam in SS2. Nothing else but chatting, sharing thoughts, joking, fooling around, teasing. :D Its a finally actually. Khy Li has been asking me out for almost a year and i rejected him with loads of REAL reasons like busy, exam coming, going out, family day...etc. kind of thing. Feel bad inside also. If you are reading this Khy Li, I really feel bad everytime i say cannot to you.
@->--- <---( its a rose)
Yesterday night. Went to Eco Paradise. After all the sweating, felt so refreshing and exhausted at the same time. I felt like i was drained out but i was also feeling as if i was rebirth again. Maybe it was the body cells. Went to the restroom. OMG! My cheeks were totally blushed and my lips are so red. I appeared ' maked up'. Shocked. Anyway, can't see clearly on picture so i deleted the picture i took. Roti Canai after that. Stopped by at Taman Megah to grab some tidbits. :)

While i was putting lots of effort to concentrate on my homework, i got distracted by an 'egg' on my piano. Without any delay, i grabbed to egg, opened it and started fixing. And taadaa!

Its a giraffe if you don't know... Pretty? Hurts my hand making it. With the pressing and all.


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