Family's Day Out

Today, we went out quite early to shopping. What i like most is to shop wtih my family. Bonding, that's what people call. Star Hill Gallery was the place we hit first. There was another watch exhibition like the previous time i went so we have to register our names and wear tag to enter. Cool...Then we crossed over to Pavillion since it was just a road away. We walked and strolled around the mall, went into shops like Adidas, ZARA, Coach, Burberry, Gant and many many more.Just to have a look though. Then, we had our lunch at Sakae Sushi! I ordered a Tuna Mayo sushi roll and Unagi Don. They were finger licking good! After lunch, we continued our shopping!During teatime, we went down to eat Toast Box. Ha! Again, something i have been looking forward to. I just love their half boil egg and the toast. * Slurp~~* Don't they taste nice? Then, we walked down the road to I-Forgotten-What-Mall-Was-That to buy souvenirs for my host families. Wee~ that reminds me of my trip again! Took quite some pictures to test my picturing skills before flying off to Japan. The sun is down and the moon radiates its dim and soothing ray across the busy city when we came out. Its dinner time again!My dad drove us to I-Forgotten-What-Hotel-Was-That to try their steak. And i ate medium-well beef for the first time today! Imagine hours ago i was chewing * Moo~* . Alright, cut the nonsense. My camera ran out of battery so i didn't get the chance to take the picture of me eating so too bad. Anyway, I had a great day today. First, because i get to eat beef? Second, because we were going out together in a family! I love family!


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