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Four more days to the day to bid my goodbyes to my family and friends, to a completely unfamiliar place with a group of unfamiliar faces and next to meet more unfamiliar people speaking an unfamiliar language. Ironically, it might be a grotesquely superb confidence booster. Unlike Yi Xuan, she can still stay comfortably in her comfort zone as the picture in her blog suggests. There are still quite a number of them who she knows well enough to stick together with for the whole flight to Brisbane and not trying to make an attempt to socialise with the others whom is a complete stranger to her. I hope she had a chance to talk to the others. Otherwise, she just wasted that few hours of her flight to Brisbane in the whole program talking to people whom she already knew :)
Till now, my packing is still slacking as i am completely lost like i am a macroscopic creature which does not swim, dumped into an endless ocean. Stranded. I just do not know what to bring with me as all of the necessities i can think of are already well positioned in my luggage. I would not want to face the awkward situation where my jaw drops as if there is no more support to that and i started gasping for air while i rummage my luggage turning everything in sight in to a mess shouting,
' Where the hell is my ******, HMoG! How am i supposed to survive for 3 weeks without my ******? I'm a dead meat now. So dead. '
Then i will plunge into my bed and cuddle for a while, before going up to my host parents to ask if they have what i did not bring with an irony smile carved on my face
Incomplete work to work on. Clock is ticking. Time is running out.
My brain has to think faster. Hands are to work faster.
Faster heart pace. More fidgeting.
Japan, Beware!
I'm coming to invade very soon!


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