I haven't been eating lunch lately. Feeling hungry but nothing to eat. Mummy is out most of the time. Leaving three guinea pigs at home. Starving. Coughing. What else? Homework
Life now is practically about finishing holiday homework and packing before taking a sweet escape from this pathetic and dull place for a short period. I am so in love with Japan's visa. It is not only special. It has your picture in it! Aha. Idiot. I feel like i am from a confined world of my own and has been suffering from autism. And F.Y.I., i am not. I FEEL like one.
I am an egg. So fragile that you just have to apply a very small force on it to crack it. Break it. Everything seem like they are going to crash down on me. And sometimes my feelings and thoughts are so extra humongous that they are going to force my lungs outwards and burst my lungs in to pieces like a big balloon explosion.

Right. Cut all the pathetic thoughts. I took a one-day trip down to Malacca along with my family last Sunday. And it was not boring as i expected like the last trip to Malacca. It came out to be full of surprises especially in the afternoon. We were greeted by a warm and radiant smile from my grandmother. In to the spacious house we went. My sister, brother and i specially enjoyed the echoes produced in the house even by a small knock on the stool. We joked that it will be impossible for one to tell secret in this house.
I did some hammering and gluing with daddy as my grandmother's cupboard is breaking apart very soon if not ' rescued'. I was actually acting like a professional beside daddy albeit he was the one who did most of the things
The clock strucks 12.30pm. Stomach growling. Wolfs are out for lunch!
Climbed into the car and off we went. First stop, a vegetatrian restaurant which was occupied by a wedding function. Disappointed. Proceeded to the next stop. Another vegetarian restaurant fully packed. Have to wait for quite a while. Frustrated. Went to Mahkota Parade. Looked for information counter when granny insisted that there is a vegetarian restaurant there. Ran up and down the mall looking for a right restaurant like blind chicken with sis. Granny is a vegetarian and we have no choice but to conform to a strict choice of food. Had no idea what is the restaurant name as granny did not state. Came by Le Garden and granny pointed at it and said this is it profusely.
' I remember its surname is Lee one! I remember! '
Coolest lunch in years in Malacca with granny. Get to eat meat while granny eat vegetarian servings. How rare. Totally once in a blue moon you get that great treat. Ate an extremely delicious plate of Chow Kuey Tiao and drank a cup of ice lemon tea. That meal was not the peak of everything. After lunch
We went down to McDonalds for ice-cream! It was quite a long walk from where we had our satisfying, stomach-filling lunch. And surprisingly, granny was willing to walk all the way there! Way to go granny!
6 cups of chocolate sundae. One for each INCLUDING GRANNY! What was even surprising was granny ate faster than me! Headed home shortly after that and goodbye for the day. :)
Cheers to this rare but extraordinary day!

Bad news : One of my host redrew so i'm left stranded for 3 weeks with the same host. T.T

Pei Ning.


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