Controlling Outing

The name of this outing came from Bernard - Control Macho. As the title suggests, he is definitely in the spotlight for today! Eventually, the Scandal Queen who always grab attention continues to stand out with two persons ( Bernard and Chong De) going against her all the time.
Her : ( Points at Bernard's neck) What is this are you wearing?
Bernard : Necklace....
Her : What exactly are we going to watch?
Bernard : Movie!
Her : What movie?
Bernard : Horror movie!
Her : Other than that?
Bernard : Scary movie!
Her : I don't want to suck the stuff out. Later too much air goes in!
CD : No wonder you want to let it out!
( might be a bit deep for this)

I rushed to McDonalds after i had lunch with my mum and sister thinking i was late. Just when i was entering McD, i heard somebody calling out for me and i turned around. There stood Bernard and Li Kheng. So i just followed them when Bernard said he wants to get his phone charged because the battery is flat. They said they were looking for Blue Cube and i was told it is on the second floor but we were on the first floor. Luckily i realised it fast, otherwise we will be stuck there for God knows how long.

We then proceeded back to McDonalds to meet up with Jessica and Chong De. Li Kheng went somewhere else while we chat on until Li Ren came. We were waiting for the last person who is Daphney so Bernard messaged her. Guess what was her reply? " When? " And she was the one who requested for the change of day for this outing. We went to play pool then. It is my first time playing so i was the noob there. But the pros like CD and Jessica were so kind that they took the patience to teach me even how to hold the stick. But i managed to shoot in one ball though. Went to arcade.

We then went to the roof to play batting. The balls was shooting out so fast that they freaked me out in the beginning. I did quite all right while control macho only started showing skills on the second round. And his pose for pictures were all emotional and controlled. Guess he does not want to break the control macho spell? We headed to Yippee Cup for a drink. Some ate toast since it was in a set. I ended up ordering Green Tea which was the healthiest of all. Thumbs up for me! Went back to arcade again after that to finish up Li Kheng's unfinished tokens. Then goodbye for the day.

Still thank you Chong De for being such gentleman and took all the trouble to send us home. You are the best man! I shall post the pictures when i get them from Jessica.


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