the first.

Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore

I was clueless. Then, I was speechless.
My beautiful angels, despite their finals day, went through all the hassle just to make sure I get my beautiful fairytale birthday surprise. And so I heard, these angels took their exam in the morning, went straight to Walmart to purchase all stuff needed, got stuck waiting for the shuttle for incredibly long time, got stuck picking flour over the million types of flour laid on the shelves, trouble baking my Elmo Birthday cake in that unbelievably small rice cooker (I am still wondering how they managed to pull it off), rushed through all the decorations in Yee Jin's room, rushed to their evening exam, rushed back to continue preparing for my surprise. These angels, whom I admire more compared to those Victoria Secret angels, my wonderwomen, Hao Tian and Kate Kim Myung Joo. Why they so nice lah???

Knowing that I have such an odd fetish for Elmo, they baked me a beautiful Elmo birthday cake, bought me a beautiful Elmo helium balloon, which I currently let it sit on the edge of my bed.

Can you imagine my reaction when I walked into my surprise?? I actually cried profusely like a sad sad child. So they said, it was really depressing. I was actually hyperventilating. I had to give my thank you speech. It was sad as well, as I struggled to spill words of thanks in between irregular breathing periods. It was tormenting. Some of them found it funny, I now find it funny as well, but gentleman Kyle took my tears seriously. That man can be so amazingly funny sometimes.
My first birthday party. My first birthday celebration with friends. My first birthday surprise. My first birthday card from my friends. Joey, the weird double-jointed one, predicted correctly as he wrote in my card saying that he bet I will be crying when I read the card. Did I mention how badly I wanted to smack him in his ice-skating wound? He's still the best, despite the fact that he refused to say hi to me at the beginning of the semester. Yukari likes my smile? :) :D

What more I can say about my best man? My Elmo impersonator? Bought me some adorable Elmo bedroom slippers which eyes wobble around when I walk :)
This present was accompanied by a bad joke, though it was acceptable - one side for birthday, one side for Christmas. Okay, I get it. Still, thank you heaps 

 I hope everyone will have an enjoyable winter break, Christmas holidays and New Year before we meet again. Oliver and Sangsupa are among those that I won't be meeting again but I really hope we can meet each other again. Oliverrrr :'( Such a great person. Great classmate too. Will miss him. Sangsupaaaaa :'( Why she so funny?? So naughty too. I will miss her :'(

Not to mention that I am flying to Minnesota in a few hours time to meet Amanda Panda!! My Elmo came from her :)

Till then~


happy Pei Ning


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