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Letting yourself go hungry on purpose is a crime. Why not treat yourself to nice food whenever you feel like it? Why not restrain from eating nice food when you are low in appetite? Why not find another way to help yourself if you are forever having good appetite? Please don't resolve to bulimic act though. It is equally disturbing, stupid and disgusting.

Today was a stay at home day. However, we took the effort to walk to nearby Arby's to treat ourselves to some nice food. Oh I can tell you even though it is a fast food franchise, the burgers they serve there look so healthy. Feels like I was eating healthy at least. Yum to curly fries :D

All the catchy little slogans for Arby's.

This was so cool!!! Took a picture then *ring* :D

Was waiting for the clock to tick by while reading my Roahl Dahl.

Kind of feeling hungry and made my usual salad with Thousand Island as dressing.

Finally it is dinner time! Experimented with a new way of cooking spaghetti and going Chinese. Never really cooked in my life but mum used to cook it this way when I was young so decided to give it a try using the limited ingredients that I have in hand. Guess what? It may taste better with the fish cake slices, but I still pulled off at my first try. Have to pat myself at the back :D

Will have my yogurt later at night as usual :D Yum!


food craving satisfied,



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