A non-white Christmas.

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Hey there! Guess what? I am excited, rolling in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Amanda's place!
In less than three weeks time, I will be happily heading further down the middle and exploring the midwest. Definitely not fearful of the extreme cold I will be facing. Bold and naive.

It was Christmas Eve just thirty minutes before and now, it is Christmas Day according to US midwest time, 12.30am. I am just sitting on Amanda's desk, facing the window decorated by a beautiful pink and white shade of curtain, tied at the middle by a sophisticated dragonfly looking silver hair pin.

Opposite of me is just another solar powered apartment called Solhaus. All but two of the windows are dark. Everyone has gone home to reunite with their families, except "some of the poor international students who has nowhere to go", I quoted John, a Korean who led the bible reading at a Pastor's house the day before Christmas Eve

I have never experienced Christmas in such a meaningful way before. Well, one of the more interesting way that I celebrated Christmas was with my parents and one of our used to be close family friends. On Christmas Day, we would gather in my house's living room with all the lights turned off. We will sit around the table where a few candles were lit, just bright enough to see each other's faces. We will then start the intriguing 'present' hunting using merely the torch light and a strip of clue that my father will provide us with. All was really fun as we got to experience the suspense of hunting for the present and opening the beautiful Christmas present wrapper so gently, with the fear of destroying the adorable prints on it. I love it I love it I love it! I just miss those times and I miss my family terribly now. My old man and my loving mother, slowly I realize as I was leaving to the US and now finally, a great deal miles apart from them, that they are slowly growing old as my age gradually increase from a single-digit to two-digits then the first numeral turns from one to two.

I digress.

This year for winter break, I decided to drop by Amanda's place and check Minnesota out. Indeed, it is a great experience, despite my only first week here and haven't really done much (since Amanda was having her finals). The first night I was there, I was brought downtown to a holiday parade sponsored by Target, a parade called Holidazzle. It was rather ordinary for me but it was really heart-warming to see families, college students all gathered at the side of the road, anticipating enthusiastically in the bitter cold weather. I was shivering all the way. Did I not mention how I was stuck in the cold for one whole hour in front of Plattsburgh International Airport at 4 in the morning? I was amazed to find an airport closed, especially one that is called "International". I guess the cold got to me and I was left feeling cold no matter how warm it was indoor. It was one hell of an experience though.

I digress.

The following night, I was invited by Cassandra to a Christmas service. I did not feel very belonged there as the people there did not really attempt to spark a conversation with me except for David, another Malaysian guy doing his PhD at U of M. However, I did not regret going there as I was exposed (in detail) to how Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem as according the Bible. Yesterday night, I was joined by many other international students for a bible reading session. In there, I felt welcomed. After the session, we headed downtown to check out the Christmas Lights. It wasn't very awesome, but the company was incredible. It was also the day where I discovered that Minneapolis is actually a birth place for Peanuts. You know, snoopy, kinda thing.

Today was special. I met up with Qing Han in the afternoon at Tea Garden. Tried some rather overrated Bubble Tea (but it was still okay).

At night, with the company of Darren, who looks so unbelievably like Phil Seong, we went for dinner at one of the few restaurants that remained open. Even McDonalds was closed for Christmas Eve. Can you believe it? Well, the restaurants that were open were majority run by Chinese, efficient people.

Hahahaha... After that, we attended a Christmas Mass at a Catholic church called St. Lawrence. It was all cool!! Great experience except when everyone started doing the same gesture except for Amanda and I. Well, Amanda haven't really attended Christmas mass before.

JoJo and Darren :)

It was overall a great experience! Met awesome people including Darren, JoJo, Ceria and a few others. I am really satisfied with my experience in Minneapolis so far. Gonna tour around the place soon!! After everyone revive from home due to the Christmasy thing thing going on :D

Oh well, it is kind of late right now. Till then??

Merry Christmas again!




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