High Falls Gorge & Lake Placid.

Black or White by Michael Jackson

Credits to ISS Plattsburgh for organizing trips for international students, I get to explore more of Plattsburgh and the places around this beautiful town.
Last Saturday (Sept 30th), I joined this trip that brings us up to High Falls Gorge of the Adirondack Mountains at Wilmington. Not quite expensive for such a beautiful scenic place, it cost $15 per person. The scenery along the way there, at the place itself and back are just captivating. My heart skipped beats when I see the beautiful and colorful trees filled the surface of the mountains. Almost every single angle you see, even along the road, the trees were so colorful. There were the yellow, orange, red, green and all the transitions between those colors. The whole place was filled with this calm, relaxed and refreshing ambience. Suddenly, I feel like I can just lie down on the grass and fall asleep just like that.

The waterfall was amazing and magical. Seeing how it slowly develops and create naturally perfect holes like they were drilled were just amazing. I even have chills thinking about it. Mind blown.

Since the tracks at the waterfall was really short, Jaafar, one of the ISS staff and one of the drivers who drove us up, decided to bring us to a nearby village, Lake Placid. This was where the Winter Olympics used to take place at.

The shops along the road was really unique, each having its own design. Some even look like they were fake or like a painting. I really like those shops around. The sight of these shops actually reminded me of those in Amsterdam (Edem and Volendam specifically) and makes me wonder 'why can't Malaysia have special designed shops like those?' #fail

The lake was so lovely and romantic. I love it to the core of my bones.

Dropped by few shops as well including some random apparel shops, shoe shops, souvenir shops, hat shops and also one of the franchise for GAP. Bought a beautiful pink hoodie from there. I love it so much its so comfy and fluffy!! *snuggles snuggles snuggles* :D

Long due and finally, x


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