productive :)

Today was productive. Today was satisfying.

Woke up feeling very well rested and had some awesome nightmare before. Woke up to some extremely yummy breakfast (corn flakes and milk and pao). Got ready and headed out to the bus stop. First stop was Metro Transit to get my refund on my unnecessary Go To Card. Then we proceeded to the mall, Nicollet Mall and several malls around it.

Target was after.

Strolled around Target for groceries was never as satisfying. While I picked out my stuff, I was already imagining the food that I am able to prepare with the stuff that I have gotten. So yummy already from Target itself :D
Spent more than my budget, but I guess it was all worth it after tonight's dinner :)

I really didn't think I was able to run my errand all within 2 and a half hours until Amanda reminded me about it. 15 minutes before it expires. We power walked through probably two or more blocks carrying the superb heavy groceries. On the way, being such a kind person calling out for a random guy who dropped his iPhone accidentally. Managed to jump into the bus just two minutes before it expires like a boss :D

Rested for a while and filled the rather empty stomach before heading out to the mysterious looking tower about 15 minutes walk away. The Witch's Hat Tower. Took so many pictures and slowly discovered how British looking the tower was and how beautiful the neighborhood around the tower. Rather disappointing to find out that we can't climb to the top of the tower.

On the way back, stopped by a random place just to find out that it was actually The National Fabric Center o.O More meaningful than what we thought it would be. What luck.

Today was satisfying. I love days like this and hope every day will be as satisfying as the food i prepare myself every day here in Minneapolis :D


Pei Ning


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