Don Omar by Danza Kuduro ft Lucenzo

Feeling of nothingness brought me here.
It is Thurday, November 24th 2011. It is Thanksgiving night in the United States. It is a holiday season.
Tomorrow, November 25th 2011 is Black Friday, the biggest shopping spree of the year in the United States. I am in my dorm room, all alone in my section, along with a hand full of a few others in the whole of Adirondack Hall, along with a few more others in all the other dorms of SUNY Plattsburgh, all minding our own business, trying to entertain ourselves while time passes by.
I had my laptop volume turned to the maximum, blasting music all the way, seeing that there is no one around to be disturbed by my extremely loud music. No one. Just me.
I am just waiting for time to pass. Dinner time. Bed time. For tomorrow I shall wake up extremely early in the morning, where some night owls will still be awake then. I shall wake up and get dressed; in my winter coat, in my winter fur boots. I shall walk out into the cold dry air, where white snow lingers, on the pavements, on the tree branches. I shall seize my chance and catch the shuttle that brings me to the crowd. The crowd, such a big contrast to the people left in my dormitory, for it is Black Friday. The crowd, too big that it is annoying. The crowd, unwanted. I shall walk into the mall, walk around aimlessly while i search for the best deals I can ever get. If all else fails, I shall walk home empty handed, for i am too late, for all the best deals are gone by the time i arrive.
Till then, I shall come home, all by myself again. I shall wait for time to pass again. Meal time. Bed time.
The next morning, I shall wake up to the same cycle, but this time, some of the people will begin to return. I will then meet up with some of my friends who will return. But till then, I will still be waiting.
I am waiting. I will still be waiting, for the best gift to return. Better than any gifts in the world for that gift is irreplaceable. That one and only.

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies ♥ :)





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