Trick or Treat!

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31st of October was Halloween. That was something that i know from coming to the US.
Yes. I did not know the exact date of Halloween before coming to the US. Just three weeks before Halloween, my RA began to put up some cool stuff decorations along our hallway

Well, there's still some in the bathroom...

Anyways, the highlight of Halloween was all about looking out for awesome costumes to put on for that big day. Well, for some girls, slutty and skimpy costumes despite the numbing cold weather out. Yes. People are this crazy in the US.
Being new here, I wasn't quite into the getting a costume thing. Plus, they cost quite some money and I have already exceeded my budget for the previous and present month. So no costume over there. We went to the mall to hunt for costumes though, and I took some pictures with the possible overpriced stuff that I would like to have.
Elmo for the most of it :)

Too bad Halloween falls on the Monday, or we get to stay up late and enjoy some of the candies that we harvested and chat all night long. It would be fun.
Four hours before heading out for Trick or Treat, I was still indecisive about what I was going to be. I was thinking maybe work on my formal outfit and be a school girl? Or just go straight out like that. It was down to three hours before and I had to get ready for my last class of the day, Critical Reading class with Bryan. When I was tying my hair up into a pony tail, I snapped out of the fog of indecisiveness and decided that I should tie my hair up into a pony tail that hangs down on the right side of my head. I shall be a little girl then!
"So any of you doing anything tonight? Trick or Treating maybe?" Bryan asked at the end of the class.
I went "ME! ME! ME!" Oh shucks, the typical me. Of course, flashing that brilliant smile of mine all the time while saying that and after.
(in fact i went "ME! ME! ME!" yesterday on a Networking event, so loudly that i won myself a nice pair of t-shirt. great job girl)

The moment my class ended, we headed straight out for Trick or Treating. In the dark, in the cold, merely relying on the dim street lights and the lights penetrating the sheer curtains of those houses, we walked the neighborhood Trick or Treating.
So, how would you know if the houses are available for Trick or Treating? Apparently, if the lights of the houses are on (the house is bright enough), they should be participating in Trick or Treating. Well, at least giving out candies for people like us.
So, how would you collect the candies?
Uncle Joey said,

"You can use your pillow case!"
True enough, it was more than enough to contain everything. The Halloween bucket that you can buy from Walmart or Target is not too bad as well. Some Halloween feel to it, but not quite practical if you were aiming to get a whole loads of candies *shakes head*

The whole Trick or Treating went extremely well. I was skipping around happily, feeling glad that I actually decided on being a small kid than anything else because I simply can be me! How easy that was! But most of all, I was kind of starving, deprived from food since the afternoon when I last ate a piece of garlic bread and some non-filling small slice of pizza. Algonquin Dining Hall's food sucks to the core. I swear it does.

Living up to the spirit and fun of Halloween,


Pei Ning


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