So Close by John Mclaughlin

Only if it was Enchanted, love was

SOME say that water has a calming effect
At the very least, it does.
NEVER ending sounds of the rain, splattering on the roof top of our safe house
Chill breeze didn't quite matter, as
HERE, all is good. all is flowing to a gentle rhythm.
Immersing ourselves with nice, quiet conversation while our fingers entwined
Reminiscing about old good memories, all while creating new ones

Drenched with rain water, our feet were.
as we took Our time, strolling dowN the sidewalk under the same umbrella.
the raindrops, magically drumming against the roof Top, creating Wonderful melodies that are astoundingly delightful to our ears
 this relaxed Ambiance was absolute, filled with Nothingness, yeT rich with sentimentality.
2 hours, passed swiftly and gone with the wind. Hush, without a sound.
Under that awkward looking tree, stood the old witch from snow white. but that didn't matter.
Raging series of lightning, trailing across the sky. but that didn't matter.
deafening roars of Thunders. but that didn't matter.
all that matters was that it was Yesterday, that i have rediscovered something that i have Once lost, or repressed

under the same Umbrella that we left with, we walked back.
thank you for the pleasant journey.


my dearest


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